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LIBRLE(3)             DragonFly Library Functions Manual             LIBRLE(3)


librle - Functions to create and read Run Length Encoded image files.


#include <rle.h> cc ... -lrle


The RLE(5) image file format provides a method for saving and restoring images in a device independent form. A number of subroutines are available to facilitate writing and reading RLE(5) files. They are described separately in their own manual pages (listed below).


buildmap(3), bwdithermap(3), colorquant(3), ditherbw(3), dithergb(3), dithermap(3), float_to_exp(3), make_square(3), rgb_to_bw(3), rle_addhist(3), rle_cp(3), rle_debug(3), rle_delcom(3), rle_freeraw(3), rle_get_error(3), rle_get_setup(3), rle_get_setup_ok(3), rle_getcom(3), rle_getraw(3), rle_getrow(3), rle_getskip(3), rle_open_f(3), rle_open_f_noexit(3), rle_put_init(3), rle_put_setup(3), rle_putcom(3), rle_puteof(3), rle_putraw(3), rle_raw_alloc(3), rle_raw_free(3), rle_rawtorow(3), rle_row_alloc(3), rle_row_free(3), rle_skiprow(3), scanargs(3), rle_hdr(3), rle_op(3), RLE(5).


Spencer W. Thomas, Todd Fuqua, and others. 4th Berkeley Distribution 3/6/85 LIBRLE(3)

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