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MOTD(5)                  DragonFly File Formats Manual                 MOTD(5)


motd -- file containing message(s) of the day


The file /etc/motd is normally displayed by login(1) after a user has logged in but before the shell is run. It is generally used for impor- tant system-wide announcements. During system startup, a line containing the kernel version string is prepended to this file. Individual users may suppress the display of this file by creating a file named ``.hushlogin'' in their home directories or through login.conf(5).


/etc/motd The message of the day. $HOME/.hushlogin Suppresses output of /etc/motd.


DragonFly 2.3-DEVELOPMENT (GENERIC) #0: Fri Mar 13 04:44:45 PST 2009 /home is full. Please cleanup your directories.


login(1), login.conf(5) DragonFly 3.5 March 17, 2009 DragonFly 3.5

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