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OWFS(1)                      One-Wire File System                      OWFS(1)


owfs - 1-wire filesystem


owfs See the file man1/cmdline_mini.1so. -m mountdir


See the file man1/description.1so. owfs owfs (1) is the filesystem client of the OWFS family of programs. It runs on linux, freebsd and Mac OS X, and requires the fuse kernel module and library. (http://fuse.sourceforge.net) which is a user-mode filesystem driver. Essentially, the entire 1-wire bus is mounted to a place in your filesystem. All the 1-wire devices are accessible using standard file operations (read, write, directory listing). The system is safe, no actual files are exposed, these files are virtual. Not all operations are supported. Specifically, file creation, deletion, linking and renaming are not allowed. (You can link from outside to a owfs file, but not the other way around). See the file man1/device.1so.


-m --mountpoint=directory_path Path of a directory to mount the 1-wire file system The mountpoint is required. There is no default. --allow_other Shorthand for fuse mount option "-o allow_other" Allows uther users to see the fuse (owfs) mount point and file system. Requires a setting in /etc/fuse.conf as well. --fuse-opt options Sends options to the fuse-mount process. Options should be quoted, e.g. " See the file man1/temperature.1so. See the file man1/pressure.1so. See the file man1/format.1so. See the file man1/job_control.1so. See the file man1/configuration.1so. See the file man1/help.1so. See the file man1/timeout.1so.


owfs -d /dev/ttyS0 -m /mnt/1wire Bus master on serial port owfs -F -u -m /mnt/1wire USB adapter, temperatures reported in Fahrenheit owfs -s -m /mnt/1wire Connect to an owserver (1) process that was started on another machine at tcp port 4304


See the file man1/seealso.1so.




Paul Alfille (paul.alfille@gmail.com) OWFS Manpage 2004 OWFS(1)

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