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OWHTTPD(1)                   One-Wire File System                   OWHTTPD(1)


owhttpd - Tiny webserver for 1-wire control


owhttpd See the file man1/cmdline_mini.1so. -p tcp-port


See the file man1/description.1so. owhttpd owhttpd (1) is a small webserver that shows the Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire bus attached to a serial port. The main view shows the devices found, You can then navigate to individual devices, and view/alter their properties. owhttpd (1) uses the same naming convention as owfs (1) , where the URL corresponds to the filename. The web server is a modified version of chttpd by Greg Olszewski. It serves no files from the disk, only virtual files from the 1-wire bus. Security should therefore be good. Only the 1-wire bus is at risk.


-p portnum Sets the tcp port the web server runs on. Access with the URL http://servernameoripaddress:portnum If no port is specified, an ephemeral port is selected by the operating system. Use zeroconf (Bonjour) to discover the assigned port. See the file man1/device.1so. See the file man1/temperature.1so. See the file man1/pressure.1so. See the file man1/format.1so. See the file man1/job_control.1so. See the file man1/configuration.1so. See the file man1/help.1so. See the file man1/timeout.1so.


owhttpd -p 3001 -d /dev/ttyS0 Web server runs on tcp port 3001, serial adapter at ttyS0 owhttpd -p 3001 -s littlehost:4304 --error_level=3 Web server on port 3001, from owserver process on host "littlehost", extensive error messages. owhttpd -p 3001 -u -u2 -r Read-only web server on port 3001, using two usb adapters.




See the file man1/seealso.1so.


Paul Alfille (paul.alfille@gmail.com) OWFS Manpage 2004 OWHTTPD(1)

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