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PCCBB(4)              DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual              PCCBB(4)


pccbb -- cardbus bridge driver


device cbb device pccard device cardbus


The pccbb driver implements the Yenta specification for CardBus bridges. The following PCI cardbus and pcmcia bridges are supported: Cirrus Logic PD6832 Cirrus Logic PD6833 Cirrus Logic PD6834 O2micro OZ6812 O2micro OZ6832 O2micro OZ6833 O2micro OZ6836 O2micro OZ6860 O2micro OZ6872 O2micro OZ6912 O2micro OZ6922 O2micro OZ6933 O2micro OZ6972 O2 Micro chips may be poorly supported because the author does not have good access to machines with one of these bridges in it. Ricoh RF5C465 Ricoh RF5C466 Ricoh RF5C475 Ricoh RF5C476 Ricoh RF5C477 Ricoh RF5C478 TI PCI-1031 TI PCI-1130 TI PCI-1131 TI PCI-1210 TI PCI-1211 TI PCI-1220 TI PCI-1221 TI PCI-1225 TI PCI-1250 TI PCI-1251 TI PCI-1251B TI PCI-1260 TI PCI-1260B TI PCI-1410 TI PCI-1420 TI PCI-1421 TI PCI-1450 TI PCI-1451 TI PCI-1510 TI PCI-1520 TI PCI-4410 TI PCI-4450 TI PCI-4451 TI PCI-4510 Toshiba ToPIC95 Toshiba ToPIC95B Toshiba ToPIC97 Toshiba ToPIC100


hw.cbb.debug A non-zero value causes more verbose information to be printed to aid in debugging problems with the bridge chipset.


cardbus(4), pccard(4) DragonFly 3.5 March 4, 2007 DragonFly 3.5

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