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PKG-AUDIT(8)           DragonFly System Manager's Manual          PKG-AUDIT(8)


pkg audit - audit installed packages against known vulnerabilities


pkg audit [-Fqr] [-R[format]] [-f filename] pkg-name pkg audit [--{fetch,quiet,recursive}] [--raw[=format]] [--file filename] pkg-name


pkg audit checks installed packages for known vulnerabilities and generates reports including references to security advisories. Its intended audience is system administrators and individual users. pkg audit uses a database maintained by port committers and the FreeBSD security team to check if security advisories for any installed packages exist. Note that a current ports tree (or any local copy of the ports tree) is not required for operation. The URL that is used to fetch the database can be overridden via the VULNXML_SITE config variable. See pkg.conf(5) for more information. If you have a vulnerable package installed, you are advised to update or deinstall it immediately. Supplying a pkg-name will audit only that package.


The following options are supported by pkg audit: -f filename, --file filename Use filename as the local copy of the vulnerability database. If used in combination with -F download the vulnerability database to the named filename before auditing installed ports against it. -F, --fetch Fetch the database before checking. -q, --quiet Be ``quiet''. Prints only the requested information without displaying many hints. -r, --recursive Prints packages that depend on vulnerable packages and are thus potentially vulnerable as well. -R, --raw[=format] The output will be formatted in a parseable format. It can be ucl (default), json, json-compact and yaml.


The following environment variables affect the execution of pkg audit. See pkg.conf(5) for further description. PKG_DBDIR VULNXML_SITE


See pkg.conf(5).


pkg_printf(3), pkg_repos(3), pkg-lua-script(5), pkg-repository(5), pkg-script(5), pkg.conf(5), pkg(8), pkg-add(8), pkg-alias(8), pkg-annotate(8), pkg-autoremove(8), pkg-backup(8), pkg-check(8), pkg-clean(8), pkg-config(8), pkg-create(8), pkg-delete(8), pkg-fetch(8), pkg-info(8), pkg-install(8), pkg-lock(8), pkg-query(8), pkg-register(8), pkg-repo(8), pkg-rquery(8), pkg-search(8), pkg-set(8), pkg-shell(8), pkg-shlib(8), pkg-ssh(8), pkg-stats(8), pkg-update(8), pkg-updating(8), pkg-upgrade(8), pkg-version(8), pkg-which(8) DragonFly 6.1-DEVELOPMENT October 30, 2014 DragonFly 6.1-DEVELOPMENT

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