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PKG-SHLIB(8)           DragonFly System Manager's Manual          PKG-SHLIB(8)


pkg shlib - display which installed package provides a specfic shared library, and the installed packages which require it library is the filename of the library without any leading path, but including the ABI version number. Only exact matches are handled.


pkg shlib [-q] [-PR] library pkg shlib [--quiet] [--{provides,requires}] library


pkg shlib is used for displaying the packages that provide library or that require library by containing binaries that link to it.


The following mutually exclusive options are supported by pkg shlib: -P, --provides Show only the installed packages which provide the named library. -R, --requires Show only the installed packages which require library. -q, --quiet Force quiet output.


The following environment variables affect the execution of pkg shlib. See pkg.conf(5) for further description. PKG_DBDIR


See pkg.conf(5).


pkg_create(3), pkg_printf(3), pkg_repos(3), pkg-keywords(5), pkg-lua-script(5), pkg-repository(5), pkg-script(5), pkg-triggers(5), pkg.conf(5), pkg(8), pkg-add(8), pkg-alias(8), pkg-annotate(8), pkg-audit(8), pkg-autoremove(8), pkg-check(8), pkg-clean(8), pkg-config(8), pkg-create(8), pkg-delete(8), pkg-fetch(8), pkg-info(8), pkg-install(8), pkg-lock(8), pkg-query(8), pkg-register(8), pkg-repo(8), pkg-rquery(8), pkg-search(8), pkg-set(8), pkg-shell(8), pkg-ssh(8), pkg-stats(8), pkg-triggers(8), pkg-update(8), pkg-updating(8), pkg-upgrade(8), pkg-version(8), pkg-which(8) DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT April 9, 2015 DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT

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