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PODCHECKER(1)	       Perl Programmers Reference Guide 	 PODCHECKER(1)


podchecker - check the syntax of POD format documentation files


podchecker [-help] [-man] [-(no)warnings] [file ...]


-help Print a brief help message and exit. -man Print the manual page and exit. -warnings -nowarnings Turn on/off printing of warnings. Repeating -warnings increases the warning level, i.e. more warnings are printed. Currently increasing to level two causes flagging of unescaped "<,>" characters. file The pathname of a POD file to syntax-check (defaults to standard input).


podchecker will read the given input files looking for POD syntax errors in the POD documentation and will print any errors it find to STDERR. At the end, it will print a status message indicating the number of errors found. Directories are ignored, an appropriate warning message is printed. podchecker invokes the ppooddcchheecckkeerr(()) function exported by Pod::Checker Please see "podchecker()" in Pod::Checker for more details.


podchecker returns a 0 (zero) exit status if all specified POD files are ok.


podchecker returns the exit status 1 if at least one of the given POD files has syntax errors. The status 2 indicates that at least one of the specified files does not contain any POD commands. Status 1 overrides status 2. If you want unambiguous results, call podchecker with one single argument only.


Pod::Parser and Pod::Checker


Please report bugs using <http://rt.cpan.org>. Brad Appleton <bradapp@enteract.com>, Marek Rouchal <marekr@cpan.org> Based on code for PPoodd::::TTeexxtt::::ppoodd22tteexxtt(1) written by Tom Christiansen <tchrist@mox.perl.com> perl v5.16.3 2014-06-01 PODCHECKER(1)

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