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SASL_SETPROP(3)                   Cyrus SASL                   SASL_SETPROP(3)


sasl_setprop - Cyrus SASL documentation


#include <sasl/sasl.h> int sasl_setprop(sasl_conn_t *conn, int propnum, const void * pvalue)


int sasl_setprop(sasl_conn_t *conn, int propnum, const void * pvalue) sasl_setprop sets the value of a SASL property. For example an application should tell the SASL library about any external negotiated security layer (i.e. TLS). Parameters o conn - is the SASL connection context o propnum - is the identifier for the property requested o pvalue - contains a pointer to the data. It is the applications job to make sure this type is correct. This is an easy way to crash a program. o SASL_AUTH_EXTERNAL - external authentication ID (const char *) o SASL_SSF_EXTERNAL - external SSF active -- (sasl_ssf_t) o SASL_DEFUSERREALM - user realm (const char *) o SASL_SEC_PROPS - sasl_security_properties_t (may be freed after call) o SASL_IPLOCALPORT - string describing the local ip and port in the form "a.b.c.d;p", or "e:f:g:h:i:j:k:l;port" o SASL_IPREMOTEPORT - string describing the remote ip and port in the form "a.b.c.d;p", or "e:f:g:h:i:j:k:l;port"


SASL callback functions should return SASL return codes. See sasl.h for a complete list. SASL_OK indicates success. Other return codes indicate errors and should be handled.


RFC 4422,:saslman:sasl(3), sasl_errors(3)


The Cyrus Team


1993-2016, The Cyrus Team 2.1.28 February 18, 2022 SASL_SETPROP(3)

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