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update-mime-database(1)         X Desktop Group        update-mime-database(1)


update-mime-database - a program to build the Shared MIME-Info database cache


update-mime-database -h | -v | [ -V | -n ] MIME-DIR


update-mime-database is a program which is responsible for updating the shared mime-info cache according to the system described in the Shared MIME-Info Database specification <http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Specifications/shared-mime-info-spec> from the X Desktop Group.


-h Print out a command summary. -v Print out the version information. -V Be verbose. -n Only update if MIME-DIR/packages/ or a file in that directory is newer than MIME-DIR/version. This is useful for package pre- and post-installation scripts.


MIME-DIR This is the directory for which update-mime-database should rebuild the cache. Mandatory if none of the options is provided.


Filip Van Raemdonck (mechanix@debian.org) wrote this manpage for the Debian GNU/Linux project, but it may be used by others.


Copyright (C) 2002 Thomas Leonard. You may redistribute copies of update-mime-database under the terms of the GNU General Public License. Filip Van Raemdonck 26 Jul 2002 update-mime-database(1)

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