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VDE_ROUTER(1)          DragonFly General Commands Manual         VDE_ROUTER(1)


vde_router - Virtual Distributed Ethernet Router.


vde_router -c configfile [-d] [-M mgmt_socket] [-m mgmt_mode] [-p pidfile]


A vde_router


-d Daemonize the process and put in background. -r configfile Parse configuration parameters from configfile at startup -M mgmt_socket the unix socket where the parameters (interfaces addresses, routes, etc.) can be checked and changed runtime. unixterm(1) can be used as a remote terminal for wirefilter. -m mgmt_mode Specify the permission for the access to mgmt_socket -p pidfile Save the process id to pidfile


Virtual Distributed Ethernet is not related in any way with www.vde.com ("Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik" i.e. the German "Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies").


vde_switch(1), vdeq(1), unixterm(1), vde_cryptcab(1), wirefilter(1).


VDE_ROUTER is a tool by Daniele Lacamera <root@danielinux.net> VDE is a project by Renzo Davoli <renzo@cs.unibo.it> Red-Black Tree used to implement ARP tables is a free port to userspace from the Linux kernel, by Andrea Arcangeli and David Woodhouse. Virtual Distributed Ethernet December 16, 2011 VDE_ROUTER(1)

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