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VGA(4)                DragonFly Kernel Interfaces Manual                VGA(4)


vga - generic video card interface


device vga0 at isa? port ? options VGA_KEEP_POWERON_MODE options VGA_NO_FONT_LOADING options VGA_NO_MODE_CHANGE options VGA_DEBUG=N options VGA_WIDTH90


The vga driver is a generic video card driver which provides access to video cards. This driver is required for the syscons(4) console driver which will call the vga driver to manipulate video hardware (changing video modes, loading fonts, etc). The vga driver supports the standard VGA video cards.


The following kernel configuration options can be used to control the vga driver. These options provide compatibility with certain VGA cards. VGA_DEBUG=N Set the VGA support debug level to N. The default value is 0, which suppresses all debugging output. A value of 2 gives maximum verbosity. VGA_KEEP_POWERON_MODE This option keeps the initial mode's register settings for switching back to it from another mode. VGA_WIDTH90 This option enables 90 column modes: 90x25, 90x30, 90x43, 90x50, 90x60. These modes are not always supported by the video card and the display. It is highly likely that LCD display cannot work with these modes. The following option will remove some features from the vga driver and save kernel memory. VGA_NO_FONT_LOADING This option removes font loading from the driver. Note that if you use this option and still wish to use the mouse on the console then you must also use the SC_ALT_MOUSE_IMAGE option. See syscons(4). VGA_NO_MODE_CHANGE This option prevents the driver from changing video modes.


vgl(3), syscons(4)


Apple, IBM, Motorola, "Common Hardware Reference Platform: I/O Device Reference", Appendix A: VGA Programming Model, ftp://ftp.software.ibm.com/rs6000/technology/spec/chrp/, p. 195.


The vga driver first appeared in FreeBSD 3.1.


The vga driver was written by Soren Schmidt <sos@FreeBSD.org> and Kazutaka Yokota <yokota@FreeBSD.org>. This manual page was written by Kazutaka Yokota. DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT March 3, 2020 DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT

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