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KBDMAP(1)              DragonFly General Commands Manual             KBDMAP(1)


kbdmap, vidfont -- front end for syscons


kbdmap [-K] [-V] [-d | -default] [-h | -help] [-l | -lang language] [-p | -print] [-r | -restore] [-s | -show] [-v | -verbose]


The kbdmap utility allows easy setting of available keymaps. The vidfont command allows the setting of fonts. Both examine a database for the keymaps and fonts. Descriptions are in English by default, but may also be in other languages. These programs are interactive and expect to run in a terminal to get required input (e.g., a keymap selection) from the user. It is strongly recommended to not choose MS-DOS codepage keymaps or fonts. Use the ISO standard version if available! X11 does not support MS-DOS codepage. The following options are available: -K Run as command kbdmap. -V Run as command vidfont. -d, -default Use default language. Ignore LANG environment variable. -h, -help Print options and exit. -l, -lang language Use language for description and menu. -p, -print Print description of available keymaps or fonts to stdout and exit. -r, -restore Load default font from /etc/rc.conf. -s, -show Show currently supported languages and exit. -v, -verbose More warnings.


LANG preferred language


/usr/share/syscons/keymaps/INDEX.keymaps database for keymaps /usr/share/syscons/fonts/INDEX.fonts database for fonts /etc/rc.conf default font /usr/share/locale/locale.alias describe common LANG values


dialog(1), kbdcontrol(1), vidcontrol(1), kbdmap(5), rc.conf(5)


The kbdmap and vidfont commands appeared in FreeBSD 2.1.


Wolfram Schneider <wosch@FreeBSD.org> wrote the original Perl version. The current version was rewritten in C by Jonathan Belson <jon@witchspace.com> for FreeBSD 5.0.


The kbdmap and vidfont utilities work only on a (virtual) console and not with X11. DragonFly 3.5 July 3, 2002 DragonFly 3.5

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