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XKBCLI(1)              DragonFly General Commands Manual             XKBCLI(1)


xkbcli - tool to interact with XKB keymaps


xkbcli command [arguments] xkbcli [--help | --version]


xkbcli is a commandline tool to query, compile and test XKB keymaps, layouts and other elements. --help Print help and exit --version Print the version and exit COMMANDS compile-keymap Compile an XKB keymap, see xkbcli-compile-keymap(1) how-to-type Show how to type a given Unicode codepoint, see xkbcli-how-to-type(1) interactive-x11 Interactive debugger for XKB keymaps for X11, see xkbcli-interactive-x11(1) interactive-wayland Interactive debugger for XKB keymaps for Wayland, see xkbcli-interactive-wayland(1) interactive-evdev Interactive debugger for XKB keymaps for evdev, see xkbcli-interactive-evdev(1) list List available layouts and more, see xkbcli-list(1) Note that not all tools may be available on your system.


0 exited successfully 1 an error occured 2 program was called with invalid arguments


The libxkbcommon online documentation: https://xkbcommon.org DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT July 27, 2020 DragonFly 6.5-DEVELOPMENT

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