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XKBCLI-LIST(1)         DragonFly General Commands Manual        XKBCLI-LIST(1)


xkbcli list - list available XKB models, layouts, variants and options


xkbcli list [/path/to/xkbbase [/path/to/xkbbase] ...]


xkbcli list is a commandline tool to list available model, layout, variant and option (MLVO) values from the XKB registry. Positional arguments provided on the commandline are treated as XKB base directory installations. --help Print help and exit --verbose Increase verbosity, use multiple times for debugging output --ruleset name Load the ruleset with the given name --skip-default-paths Do not load the default XKB include paths --load-exotic Load exotic (extra) layouts


xkbcli(1), The libxkbcommon online documentation: https://xkbcommon.org DragonFly 6.1-DEVELOPMENT July 27, 2020 DragonFly 6.1-DEVELOPMENT

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