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ACPIEXEC(8)            DragonFly System Manager's Manual           ACPIEXEC(8)


acpiexec - load ACPI tables and execute control methods from user space


acpiexec [option ...] aml_file ...


The following options are supported: -b "command_line" Batch mode command line execution (cmd1;cmd2;...). -da Disable method abort on error. -df Disable Local fault handler. -di Disable execution of STA/INI methods during init. -do Disable Operation Region address simulation. -dr Disable repair of method return values. -ds Disable method auto-serialization. -dt Disable allocation tracking (performance). -ed Enable timer output for Debug Object. -ef Enable display of final memory statistics. -ei Enable additional tests for ACPICA interfaces. -el Enable loading of additional test tables. -eo Enable object evaluation log. -es Enable Interpreter Slack Mode. -et Enable debug semaphore timeout. -fi file Specify namespace initialization file. -fv value Operation Region initialization fill value. -h Display the help message. -? Alias for -h. -l Load tables and namespace only. -m [method] Batch mode method execution. The default method is MAIN. -r Use hardware-reduced FADT V5. -te Exit loop on timeout instead of aborting method. -to seconds Set timeout period for AML while loops. -v Display version information. -va Display verbose dump of any memory leaks. -vd Display build date and time. -vh Verbose exception handler output. -vi Verbose initialization output. -vr Verbose region handler output. -x debug_level Debug output level. From within the interactive mode, use `?' or "help" to see a list of available AML Debugger commands.


acpi(4), acpibin(8), acpicall(8), acpiconf(8), acpidump(8), acpihelp(8), acpixtract(8), iasl(8) https://acpica.org/documentation/


The acpiexec utility is provided by Intel as part of their ACPICA distribution. This manual page was written by Sascha Wildner. DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT May 29, 2020 DragonFly 5.9-DEVELOPMENT

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