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LSVFS(1)               DragonFly General Commands Manual              LSVFS(1)


lsvfs -- list installed virtual file systems


lsvfs [vfsname ...]


The lsvfs command lists information about the currently loaded virtual file system modules. When vfsname arguments are given, lsvfs lists information about the specified VFS modules. Otherwise, lsvfs lists all currently loaded modules. The information is as follows: Filesystem the name of the file system, as would be used in the type parameter to mount(2) and the -t option to mount(8) Num the filesystem type number. Refs the number of references to this VFS; i.e., the number of currently mounted file systems of this type Flags flag bits.


mount(2), getvfsbyname(3), getvfsent(3), mount(8)


A lsvfs command appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.


In DragonFly's encrypted root setup, lsvfs will show at least 2 references to ``ufs'' even though just /boot seems to be mounted. The second reference is the initial root from the /boot/kernel/initrd.img.gz image. DragonFly 5.1 March 10, 2018 DragonFly 5.1

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