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MOUNT_DEVFS(8)         DragonFly System Manager's Manual        MOUNT_DEVFS(8)


mount_devfs - mount a device file system


mount_devfs [-o options] node


The mount_devfs command attaches an instance of the device file system (or devfs(5)) to the global file system namespace. This command is automatically executed for /dev at boot time. The options are as follows: -o Specify mount options, which are a comma delimited set of options (see mount(8)). Supported mount options are: jail Mount devfs(5) for a jail. Only rules between jail yes and jail no are applied. ruleset=rule_file When mounting, apply the rules from the specified rule_file, which can be either an absolute path or one relative to /etc/devfs/. Mounting an already mounted node clears and resets all rules that are in effect for it and (if a ruleset option is present) applies the rules from rule_file. It is equal to devfsctl -cr followed by an optional devfsctl -af.


Mount a devfs(5), marked as jail, with a ruleset file named default.rules onto /var/jail/dev. mount_devfs -o jail,ruleset=default.rules /var/jail/dev A corresponding fstab(5) entry is: devfs /var/jail/dev devfs ro,jail,ruleset=default.rules


mount(2), unmount(2), devfs(5), fstab(5), devfsctl(8), mount(8)


The mount_devfs utility first appeared in DragonFly 2.3. DragonFly 5.7-DEVELOPMENT December 4, 2019 DragonFly 5.7-DEVELOPMENT

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